Biomass Boilers

Our proven technology is the core of Drax power plant's renewable strategy as the our feeding systems bring the cheapest renewable heat to the energy company.

Straw is considered a waste product in farming and is difficult to recycle as it takes too long to decompose in the ground where farmers normally plough it down. The Alfagy Straw Bale (SB) series is a range of automatic boilers from 119 kWt right up to 990 kWt. We also have 3 to 30 MWt units available upon request.

The boilers have been specially developed for automatic stoking of wood pellets, wood chip and grated straw. This fuel flexibility allows the most economic operation and supply security of the heat.Boilers for automatic stoking are fitted with a ceramic combustion hearth which gives the optimum combustion of flue gases and automatic de-ashing. The greatest degree of efficiency is obtained by selecting the boiler size to match the heat consumption.