Natural Gas CHP, Biogas Power Generation, Solar CHP & Biomass Boilers

Alfagy takes out the guessing to deliver the best suited heat and power solution for you.  We have more than 40 years experience in delivering efficient and renewable energy to homes, businesses and institutions globally.

Alfagy provides power, heat, steam, cooling and cogeneration CHP plant that save energy costs and earn more profits.  Our Combined Heat and Power plants are the best value in the market with the quickest ROI!  We generate profitable heat and power with energy bill reductions of 40% or more.  ROI on our renewable heat generating plant just increased! 

Using natural gas, biogas, biofuel or biomass CHP and Cogeneration, the technology deliver impressive and proven profits.  Go here for more information on:

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Join our list of satisfied customers worldwide and benefit from the industry's best Total Cost of Ownership.  

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