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Alfagy is a leading provider of CHP and Cogeneration plant across the world.  We have a wide range of new and used units in stock for immediate deliver at low prices and high efficiency. We often tailor solutions not to fit the needs of the client rather than our standard solution. Contact us now and get an offer by clicking here.

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Got heat?  Use it to dry biomass!biogas_cogeneration_gensets_CHP_Combined_Heat_and_Power_PICT00102_1

Our Enertroc plate belt dryers can be used to dry different kinds of biomass, such as: 

  • Wood chip
  • Digestate
  • Remainders from biogas AD plants
  • Sewage sludge

The dryer can work for inputs such as feed stock, wood or waste or output such as sludge and digestate from Anaerobic Digesters.  After the drying process, you will be able to pelletise the Digestate for sale or easy distribution on fields.

Below are our range of dryers that will accomodate your needs:







Power (kWt)



Fan Power




LxWxH (m)

ENERTROC 550 130-160 132-192 16,000 11.0 7.5 x 3.0 x 3.9
ENERTROC 700 190-280 240-360 24,000 17.5 9.0 x 3.0 x 3.9
ENERTROC 900 240-360 317-462 30,000 22.0 11.0 x 3.0 x 3.9

The drying material is processed on the plate belt through a inlet hopper.  A distribution conveyor provides the even distribution of material over the entire surface.  The plate-belt consitsts of plates made of perforated, powder coated tin or stainless steel.  By turning down the plates at the belts end, the drying material is shifted to the lower level. Thus the belts surface is used in both directions of travel, which has for the advantage that the footprint of the dryer is comparatively small.  The dryer is of a modular design.

Between the racks for the drive gears and guide rollers more or less belt elements are installed.  The processing of the drying air is done by an exhaust air fan. Optionally, this fan can be equipped with variable frequency drive.  A dust filter for the exhaust air or biofilter can be connected at the outlet side, if necessary.

The heating is done by low pressure hot water with 90°C via a heat exchanger coil mounted on the same baseframe with the dryer.  Our Enertroc plate belt dryers can ideally be connected with one or more CHP units.  Connecting the dryer with our Enerbrik Briquetting presses another business model can be explored and valuable fuel briquettes can be produced.  As an example, we incorporate the briquetting presses and the dryer in our Enercarb Wood Heat and Power plant that offers the best biomass effeciency in its class.

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The food industry and farmers have it easy when it comes to energy production. The energy sources is all around and only need to be channeled into a process using:

  • Food waste
  • Grasses
  • Cereals
  • Chicken manure
  • Horse excrement
  • Cow manure
  • Organic production waste

All these can be used for biogas production which is then turned into heat and power. This is a great sustainable business model which cuts cost and increase competitiveness in the core business. Meanwhile, operational security is increased.