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Alfagy CHP & Cogeneration

Alfagy is a leading provider of CHP and Cogeneration plant across the world.  We have a wide range of new and used units in stock for immediate deliver at low prices and high efficiency. We often tailor solutions not to fit the needs of the client rather than our standard solution. Contact us now and get an offer by clicking here.

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Keen To Be Greener

Alfagy CHP units are designed to minimise floor space and installation costs due to our compact layout with integrated controls and noise protection. 

Our market leading noise protection makes our CHP unit most suited for retrofits and installation in high density offices and housing facilities.  Structural noise is avoided by proprietary elastic engine and generator mounts as well as a decoupling of the engine generator from the base frame.  


Our spark ignited gas engines convert renewable fuels such as bio-gas, digester gas, sewer gas and wood gas into heat and power.  To minimise engine exhaust and NOx emissions, our engines use lean burn technology and no other fossil fuel is required to make the engines run.
The sets are operated with a large range of heat, cooling or power settings as well as stand-by emergency heat and power supply.
Our unique control system allows for fully automatic operation with the power Grid as well as remote control via modem or the Internet.
Our CHP plant has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market.  This is achieved through superior  quality manufacturing; outstanding reliability combined with overall  high performance.  The units are designed for maximum intervals between service calls.    

We deliver highest specs as standard

All our CHP units have the highest technological and environmental specifications as standard.  Market leading standards means low costs and fast operation.  Our standard specifications include:

  • Gas engine and synchronous alternator with flexible coupling
  • Lean burn engines with turbo charger, oxidation catalyst and emissions conforming with the German TA-Luft 2002
  • Heat exchangers for cooling water, lube oil and exhaust gas, pre-piped and insulated
  • Turbo charged engines with internal and external mixture cooling circuit
  • Circulation pump with computer controlled thermostatic valve with internal pump for external mixture circuit
  • Internal stainless steel exhaust silencer
  • Rubber and metal vibration dampers
  • Gas train with double solenoid valve, zero pressure regulator, Lambda control valve
  • Noise protection housing fitted with noise level of 70 dB(A) at 1 meter with electric ventilation fan
  • Control system for automatic parallel operations with mains or Grid
  • Utility grade Grid failure detection relay
  • Remote monitoring modem
  • Generator CB with motor drive
  • Lead acid batteries 24V and 20A charger
  • Back-up lube oil tank with level control

We deliver CHP units for any fuel in the 34 kWe to 2000 kWe range but focus on the pre-fabricated small CHP unit in the 50-400 kWe range.


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The food industry and farmers have it easy when it comes to energy production. The energy sources is all around and only need to be channeled into a process using:

  • Food waste
  • Grasses
  • Cereals
  • Chicken manure
  • Horse excrement
  • Cow manure
  • Organic production waste

All these can be used for biogas production which is then turned into heat and power. This is a great sustainable business model which cuts cost and increase competitiveness in the core business. Meanwhile, operational security is increased.