Funding: CHP & Energy Services Financing via ESCO

Alfagy launces 'free' operational cost reduction with new ESCO service

In a new business launch, Alfagy has announced the creation of Alfagy ESCO, a service which allows customers to benefit from a CHP installation while avoiding capital investment. The projects are to be financed from long-term power and heat purchase contracts.

Alfagy's service retains total ownership of the CHP unit, conduct all application and design engineering, installation and commissioning as well as operate, maintain and fully finance the CHP unit throughout the life of the contract.

Billing monthly at an agreed tariff per kW for a fixed quantity of energy, Alfagy's CHP units range from 50 kWe to 2 MWe and operate using biogas, biomass, bio-diesel, landfill gas, wood gas and conventional fuels.

Alfagy's Peter Kindt says the move comes in response to the growing demand for Greener energy and the need to cut energy costs without facing additional stress on the balance sheet.