Solar CHP shines in the sun

New Combined Heat and Power panels from Alfagy promises better payback for your solar installation.

Photovoltaics (PV) are semi-conductors and operate in a paradox – they need sunlight to generate electricity but suffer a degradation in performance as they get hotter. Standard PV Panels typically only convert 10-15% of solar radiation into electricity and the rest is dissipated as waste heat.

Solar CHP generates both electricity and usable thermal heat at the same time from one panel. The module heat is absorbed in order to produce hot water which cools the PV and efficiency is optimised as the heat is transferred into hot water that is used on site.

Solar CHP's dual solar collection produces 2 usable energy outputs with one collection system.  Because of this, the installations costs are lower and the revenues from Green incentive which generates a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than normal Solar PV.



Alfagy Solar CHP HP

Alfagy Solar CHP HT

 Article Code   name HP200 HT185
 Dimensions   mm 828 x 1601 x 90 870 x 1640 x 105 
 Weight   kg 24.4 34.4
 PV Module Type  name Mono-Crystalline Mono-Crystalline
 Number of cells   no 72 72
 Nominal Electrical  We 200  185
 Nominal Thermal @ 0 m/s  Wt 460 680
 Nominal Thermal @ 2 m/s   Wt 630 680
 Absorber Panel  type Copper Copper
 Internal Piping   type Copper Copper
 Sealing  type EPDM & Silicone EPDM & Silicone
 Mounting   type In-roof, On-roof, Flat roof, Wall In-roof, On-roof, Flat roof, Wall 
 Product warranty years 10 10
 Productivity warranty years 90% < 10, 80% < 20 90% < 10, 80% < 20