Gas Scrubbers for Biogas and AD Plant

Alfagy delivers biological H2S scrubbers. The first biological gas cleaner more than 15 years ago. Key positions are held by engineers who have years of practical experience as operation managers on biogas plants or similar positions.  The core expertise lies in product development, sales, project management and service. Production is carried out at a limited number of selected sub-suppliers, both in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America and South America.

Alfagy gas cleaners are installed at biogas plants where biogas desulphurisation is required. The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is removed from the biogas in a biological process. The company’s H2S scrubbers are available in 4 different product types.

For smaller and medium sized projects Alfagy offers gas cleaners built into standard 20’ or 40’ shipping containers. This type of gas cleaners can easily and in-expensively be distributed worldwide by trucks and container ships.

Pumps, blower, PLC controller, etc., are installed in the machinery room which is positioned at the front of the container.