CHP Service Contracts Bring More Confidence

Alfagy combined heat and power units (CHP) are supported with a choice of optional 10 year service contracts – Pro-active Platinum and Pro-active Gold – which are designed to offer the user complete peace of mind. The contracts are transferable with the ownership of the property, and include scheduled engine inspections, incorporating parts, labour and engine replacement when necessary, as well as disposing of waste oil in an environmentally friendly manner. This is carried out, as part of the contract, by Alfagy's fully trained Service Engineers.

Preventative maintenance

The Pro-active Platinum and Pro-active Gold service contract provides the customer with preventative maintenance of the CHP, allowing continuous operation at maximum efficiency. As part of the preventative maintenance plan, all parts listed on the service schedule will be checked, cleaned and replaced when necessary. All these service tasks are covered, including engine replacements, allowing the customer to budget for maintenance and repairs, providing control of the whole life costs of the CHP from the outset, while enhancing the longevity of the CHP. To achieve optimum performance, the engine in the CHP module is expected to be replaced with a reconditioned engine after 44,000 run hours. All replacement gas engines, prior to its changeover, must adhere to Bosch’s renowned standards for manufacturing quality. Any changeover performed by our Service Engineers is done with the convenience of the end user in mind, ensuring the module is not out of action for a prolonged period while extending the life of the appliance.

Remote monitoring

We recommend that all Alfagy CHP modules are monitored. Remote monitoring allows maintenance requirements to be sent to the Alfagy service team and ensures that service intervals are programmed in advance. Additionally the system allows trained engineers to diagnose symptoms remotely and monitor operations using in-depth monthly reports that detail the CHP performance.

Peace of mind

Our regular maintenance reports following each service visit explain any observations, adjustments and repairs that were carried out, helping to build a complete service record of each CHP. Whether you choose Pro-active Platinum and Pro-active Gold, you have the added reassurance and peace of mind of knowing that your service contract is provided by a member of the Alfagy Group.

Pro-active Platinum

The Pro-active Platinum service contract provides the customer with 10 years’ of cover for the combined heat and power unit, removing the need to employ a full-time on-site engineer.

Preventative maintenance

As part of the Pro-active Platinum service, Alfagy will also carry out all appropriate oil analysis. This will allow the CHP module to perform continuously at an optimum level and reduce any downtime through component failure.

Corrective maintenance

Preventative maintenance will minimise the risk of the CHP module failing, however should this occur, Alfagy Service will be able to provide a fast response and minimise the downtime of the CHP module at no additional cost. Alfagy Service Engineers are fully trained and equipped with tools, diagnostic equipment and spare items on their vans with specialised spare parts being held, in stock, at its warehouse.