Cryogenic Storage Tanks and Regasification

Each of our mega cryogenic storage tanks holds enough LNG to cover the average family’s energy demand for 500 years.

Horizontal cryogenic storage tanks for LNG
Cryogenic Storage Tanks and Vaporizers Combined to form LNG Regasification Station

Providing Natural Gas at the Point of Use

From single users through to power stations and distribution terminals, Chart has a solution for those wishing to utilize LNG to convert to natural gas from more expensive and environmentally damaging diesel and other distillates.

Alfagy's self-contained storage and vaporisation system is typically paired with our patented delivery system to make natural gas available, convenient and affordable for small-scale users in industry, science, medicine and transport. We offer a complete turnkey solution, from initial design through to on-site commissioning, and proprietary, proven telemetry and safety systems guarantee maximum economy, efficiency and integrity.

Compact LNG Satellite Station

Typically aimed at providing natural gas to small and medium sized operations and locations not connected to the pipeline grid. The unit is easy to install, simple to operate, totally reliable and combines the highest levels of performance with the lowest costs of ownership.


  • Complete turnkey ‘plug and play’ solution, designed, engineered and manufactured in-house
  • Available off the shelf
  • Portable 
  • Range of storage capacities
  • Maximum convenience - Minimal site civil work, simple installation and start-up, unmanned and fully automated operation
  • Compliant with applicable regional health, safety and environmental legislation.

LNG Satellite Regasification Station

Fully Customised LNG Regasification Solutions

Chart bespoke plants are already enabling larger scale industrial users convert from distillates to natural gas, particularly for power generation. In addition to full customization, systems often incorporate integrated functions for additional LNG distribution and use, such as loading areas for trucks, jetty modules for ship bunkering and fueling outlets for natural gas vehicles. Just like their smaller counterparts, Alfagy regasification plants comprise in-house technology, including tanks, vaporisers and vacuum insulated pipe, with full turnkey scope.

Safety and environmental objectives are always of paramount importance and Alfagy’s proprietary boil-off gas systems capture excess gas and eliminate discharges to atmosphere.

LNG Regasification Station at US University Campus

Why Does Alfagy Recommend Vacuum Insulated Pipe?

Alfagy insulated pipe (AIP) offers significant performance advantages versus mechanically insulated pipe for greatly reduced lifetime costs. A double-wall design decreases heat leakage by 90% and acts as a secondary barrier for safety, while preserving the maximum amount of energy per volume of LNG. The typical AIP installation also offers a functional life up to 10 times longer than that of mechanically insulated pipe.

LNG Truck Loading

Our LNG loadout systems are designed to allow easy hook-up for either a transport trailer or railcar.

They are designed to accommodate multiple transport trailers or railcars, and also have the ability to fill a transport trailer and railcar simultaneously. Our highly engineered PLC kiosks allow the operator to fully operate the loading of the vessel from the comfort of a weather-protected kiosk that includes heating and air conditioning.

The loadout system allows for accurate metering of the LNG flow into the vessel by using Coriolis meters. This type of custody transfer allows for the owner of the loadout system to accurately monitor and measure the amount of product they have delivered.

LNG Truck Loading