Renewable Heating for Schools, Councils, Hotels and Industry: Automated Wood Pellet Boilers.


Alfagy is pleased to announce the launch of its new medium sized wood pellet boilers fed by biomass that can be supplied from local parks, forests and the countryside.

Wood is considered the easiest way to get reliable and sustainable heating to businesses and large buildings.

The Alfagy Wood Pellet (WP) series is a range of automatic boilers from 140 kWt right up to 1165 kWt.  We also have 3 to 30 MWt units available upon request.  The boilers have been specially developed for automatic stoking of wood pelletswood chip, miscanthus and grated straw.  This fuel flexibility allows the most economic operation and supply security of the heat.

Boilers for automatic stoking are fitted with a ceramic combustion hearth which gives the optimum combustion of flue gases and automatic de-ashing. The greatest degree of efficiency is obtained by selecting the boiler size to match the heat consumption.

The fuel is burnt in the boiler's ceramic hearth. The hearth is made up of side stones and an arch, thus maintaining a high combustion temperature in order to burn the flue/CO gases. The exhaust gases pass through the two-way heat exchanger and are here cooled down twice.

During combustion in the hearth, ash is automatically feed to a screw conveyor in the front of the boiler. This deashing system consists of a motor and a 1 metre horizontal screw. The screw carries the ash to an ash container.

We can deliver the following plant sizes for indoor or outdoor installation:






Dry Wood

Use (lbs/h)

Dry Wood

Use (kg/h)

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WP120 30 140 77 35 Contact
WP140 34 160 88 40 Contact
WP180 45 210 116 53 Contact
WP220 53 249 137 62 Contact
WP300 73 345 190 86 Contact
WP420 104 490 270 123 Contact
WP510 127 595 328 149 Contact
WP680 168 790 435 198 Contact
WP850 211 990 546 248 Contact
WP1000 248 1165 642 291 Contact

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