The Cheapest Heating for Farmers: Miscanthus Boilers


Alfagy is pleased to announce the launch of its new miscanthus fed biomass boiler that suit rural businesses and housing.

Miscanthus giganteus - also elephant or switch grass - is considered a marginal land product in farming as the plant can grow on land deemed unproductive for food production.  As an energy source, miscanthus does not take food away from the market.

The Alfagy Miscanthus boiler series is a range of automatic boilers from 119 kWt right up to 990 kWt.  We also have 3 to 30 MWt units available upon request.  The boilers have been specially developed for automatic stoking of wood pelletswood chip and grated straw. This fuel flexibility allows the most economic operation and supply security of the heat.

Boilers for automatic stoking are fitted with a ceramic combustion hearth which gives the optimum combustion of flue gases and automatic de-ashing. The greatest degree of efficiency is obtained by selecting the boiler size to match the heat consumption.

Now, there is a new way to utilise this valuable renewable energy resource: burn it for energy production.  The ashes provide essential nutrients for the soil and should be spread on the fields.  The straw boilers have already been unstalled on farms for heating and grain drying as well as power stations such as Drax.

The feed stock is Heston Bales weighing approximately 1,400 lbs. or 650 kg.  We can deliver the following plant sizes for indoor or outdoor installation:






 Dry Straw 

Use (lbs/h)

 Dry Straw 

Use (kg/h)

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SB120 30 119 66 30 Contact
SB140 34 136 75 34 Contact
SB180 45 179 98 45 Contact
SB220 53 212 117 53 Contact
SB300 73 293 162 73 Contact
SB420 104 417 230 104 Contact
SB510 127 506 279 126 Contact
SB680 168 672 370 168 Contact
SB850 211 842 464 210 Contact
   SB1000       248       990    546 248 Contact